Brayton Barff

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June 2017 -

5th, 12th, 19th, 26th - Balsam Bash for around 1 hour. Meet in the car park at 7pm

Please come and help us. There are several areas in the left hand wood that need our attention. 1. Area near the car park. 2. Along the left woodland edge. 3. Up along the perimeter fence above the silver birch wood. 4. In and around the beech wood. 5. From the old rifle range towards and including the rear of the left hand wood. 6. Around the edge of the heathland. No doubt there are also areas around the edge of taphill and the summit area. All help is really appreciated to eradicate this menace. See you in the car park at 7.00 pm Monday 5th June. Many thanks.

If there is anything you know of that's happening in or around Brayton Barff and think it should be shown here, please email us the details and we will list it for you.

Some Dates to Note