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Newsletter 2 - DerekCooper - 11-10-2017

Hi All,
            Thought I would give you an update of matters relating to the Barff. It may appear that its been fairly quiet but several things have been happening and will also be happening very soon.

Peter Murphy of Groundworks Selby has on our behalf forwarded our Group name to " Tesco Bags of Help" funding for local community projects. What this means is we could possibly be in line for funding for tasks that we would undertake around the Barff. I would presume that Peter's organisation would profit from this in some way but if it would direct resources in our direction that's fine by me. Our next concern if we were able to obtain funding, is what and how do we bank any monies. I personally don't want any dealings with any monies, so I might approach either Geoff Lomas of Yorkshire Water or Peter Murphy to hold that money in trust for us to use for future tasks around the Barff.
If anyone can suggest another way of banking the money, please let us know. Thanks.

Himalayan Balsam
Anyone who has walked the woodland lately cannot have failed to notice the flowering Balsam in the Left hand wood. It almost seems that all our hard efforts to remove the blessed plant has all been in vain. Despite our efforts and Yorkshire Water's sub contractors Fountains Forestry, it is still prevalent in several areas of the wood. Last week we discussed the problem with a chap from Fountains Forestry and we could not find an easy answer to eradicate it. What is clear is that if we do nothing it will take over a lot of the woodland floor, especially in the Silver Birch, Beech, woodland edges and clearings of the Left hand wood, whether it is on Yorkshire Water or on Selby District Council land.
I met a nice chap called Chris Long from the Community Payback Scheme a few weeks ago. He is prepared to bring some people on to the Barff once or twice a month on a weekend to pull up some of the Balsam. This is indeed a step in the right direction but we need more resources to hand pull this menace for several years if we are going to overcome and totally eradicate this invasive plant.
Any suggestions would be helpful. I have mention the method of introducing a leaf rust to Geoff Lomas but this method is in its early stages of testing and so far there have been mixed results.

Very soon we will have some new bins in the main car park and possibly another opposite Barff House Farm. I have and can obtain bin bags from Amey Council depot for these bags. So we need to devise a way of changing and transferring the full bags to the car park entrance for collection from Amey. I know that someone ties a couple of bags to the fence near the car park at the moment. I would love to know if this is Amey staff or just a Barff user.

Some time ago I asked Geoff Lomas about installing a dedicated noticeboard for FOBB to use. I hope I am right in assuming that Fountains Forestry will be installing it very soon as well as repairing the existing Community noticeboard, that is currently resting on the ground. I have produced some interesting laminated information for the FOBB noticeboard in anticipation of its installation.

Welcome Signs
I have seen a sign design and the costings to install them near to the car park. Geoff Lomas has been fairly quiet about their foreseeable installation but I am hopeful that it is still on the card to happen shortly.

Barff Summit Meadow.
It is my intention to have a go at scything an area of grassland on top of the Barff , one weekend in the next few weeks. I know and appreciate that Geoff Lomas is not enthusiastic about us undertaking this task, but I believe that with the right precautions it can be undertaken safely and successfully. The area in question is beyond the two concrete inspection chambers and goes down towards the perimeter fence. The object is to cut the grass as low as possible and remove it to one side. I would like to encourage the wild flowers found there. These include early flowering Coltsfoot, Northern Marsh Orchids, Bee Orchids, Birds Foot Trefoil, Self Heal, Meadow Buttercup, Red Bartsia, Knapweed and Burdock. It would be great if we could encourage the insect population here, especially the Butterflies, Bees and Dragonflies. I will be there with hopefully some of you guys to assist and keep people informed of what we are doing. Vic is a current first aider and I will be suitably and visually dressed for the occasion. I hope to do this a couple of time before Spring.

Open day.
Geoff Lomas has kindly sent me some printed notices of what  we are all about. It would be nice if we could possibly give out some of these leaflets to regular users of the Barff. A lot of people are still not into computers and social network sites. So I think the personal one to one approach from the car park one weekend would possibly be the answer. Anyone who could give up some time to help me hand out these Leaflets please get in touch. I will arrange a date as soon as our FOBB Noticeboard is installed.

I am aware that many of us and other Barff users, pick litter up as we make our way around the Barff. I know its appreciated by everyone even though its an on going task that has to be done, especially at a weekend and during School holidays. Long may it continue to keep our woodland looking good throughout the seasons.

I usually check the boxes in December or early January. I could do with some help with this task if anyone is up for it. Ta.

Guided Walk
I haven't done one for a while, but I have got a walk in mid may with the York Ornithological Club if anyone is interested in coming. I know Denis is possibly up for helping me.

Friends of Brayton Barff
If you know of anyone who would like to receive info through these email newsletters please let us know. Also anyone who would possibly like to offer assistance or help thru what we are doing please get in touch.

Derek Cooper